Are you getting blitzed in the marketplace?

The Commercial Playbook

Let's face it, the playing field for the independent agency has changed and is changing almost daily.  Unfortunately, it is becoming harder to exhibit your professionalism as an agent.  You can't turn on the television without seeing some form of advertisement stating: "We can save you $200 on your insurance."  This "$200 phenomena" has created a negative culture that is being perpetuated by clients and, sadly, by insurance agents. In short, insurance is being reduced to a commodity.

The marketplace is squeezing the personal lines agency and is creating uncertainty for the independent agent. Direct writers are gobbling up market share at an alarming rate. Comparative raters and online marketing tools have created a "commoditized atmosphere." All of these factors contribute to a price-driven consumer, thus, diminishing the value of an agent. There is an answer and, at CMS, we've created a systematic approach to help the independent agent WIN in this new environment. This is NOT a "gimmicky" or "used car salesman-like" program - in fact, it's the complete opposite.  For the agent who is willing to go against the prevailing culture, a tremendous opportunity exists -- however, you cannot navigate this opportunity alone . . .

Our system of winning is focused on competing in the commercial insurance marketplace; most of the challenges mentioned above are not as prevalent in commercial insurance. However, you have to be willing to adapt and, no matter where you may be on the "knowledge spectrum," a true opportunity exists within the commercial arena.  Let our "Commercial Coach" work with you to implement a culture-changing system of winning!  We have written The Commercial Playbook for real-and-long-term success. Together we can build an impenetrable firewall around your agency. If you want to take part in a game-changing experience, take action and start winning! We'll open the "playbook" for you!

Here are a few highlights of what our Commercial Coaching Program can do for you:

  • We provide in-the-field / on-the-streets help, working the entire CMS Developed Sales Cycle - "hands on & in person"
  • Each agency is provided a Commercial Insurance Coach to help with the implementation of a 4 Step Process to Winning 
  • We provide Strategic Planning and Marketing Materials
  • We provide a "non-gimmicky" sales system focused on TRUE Professionalism
Don't walk away from an opportunity to win

Don't walk away from an opportunity to win