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Drive More Revenue Using Our Unique Producer Development & Coaching Program

The single biggest challenge agency principals face today, along with the pressures of achieving sustained growth, is finding and hiring good producers.

The next biggest challenge is what to do with them once you've hired them.

We know new producers need time, attention, and consistent coaching in order to be successful. Which is why we have developed a unique producer coaching program designed to solve the "what now" issue for agency principals and their producers.

Meet Your Producer Coach

Leveraging years of commercial sales experience as an insurance producer, Tyler provides a personalized and dedicated approach to helping producers create momentum, establish accountability and ultimately exceed revenue goals for your agency.

  • Tyler Siddens

    Tyler specializes in 1-on-1 commercial sales coaching and producer development.

    He brings over 20 years of specialized commercial insurance experience to his clients, including being a successful producer for Federated Insurance, having gone through their highly-respected, and extensive, commercial training & education program. He has earned several sales awards and is a recognized leader in the field of commercial insurance.

    Started in 2006, Tyler has developed an exclusive producer development and coaching program to help agency owners grow their commercial business. He teaches insurance professionals sales tactics that leverage relationships by counteracting the prevailing culture of “price-focused” selling.

    As your agency's producer coach and mentor, Tyler's custom 12-month program includes:

    • Hands-on, in-the-field training with agency visits
    • Relationship-focused approach, with an emphasis on “consultative professional vs. insurance peddler” tactics
    • Goal-driven accountability tools to help drive revenue and increase retention
    • Tailored tactics based on the specific needs of the agency

    Skill Development & Tactics Learned:

    • 12 month program with a dedicated Producer Development Coach
    • Consultative Professional vs. Insurance Peddler
    • Proprietary “Marriage Analogy” Sales Philosophy
    • Strategic Communication
    • Policy Auditing
    • Relationship-first Mentality
    • Change Industry Culture through the C.A.P. Sales Cycle
    • “WIN” (in the right way)

    "Tyler has brought considerable value to our agency. He has been consistent in helping us find, prospect, and manage new commercial accounts. Through strong character & persistent efforts, Tyler has been a great mentor not only for me, but for my staff as well." ~ Dustin Ward, VP, Hometown Insurance

Whether you need hands-on training, virtual training or a custom developed coaching program specific to your agency, we've got you covered.

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"Webb Insurance Agency is proud to be a member of the CMS organization. Mr. Johnson is a true friend."

~ Ervin Webb - Webb Insurance Agency, Danville, WV